Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I’ll come out and admit it right now, I’m a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan!  Football and basketball, I’m either listening or watching every game.  So of course when I found out I had a son, the thoughts of ever sports fan ran through my mind; watching games together, playing games together, getting him pumped up, the whole father + son thing.  Well, as my luck goes, I don’t quite get that, only having him Thursday to Saturday every other weekend puts a damper on watching a lot of sports, and I realize in the upcoming years, being able to be involved in him playing summer sports will be limited.  Honestly, watching my brother get to have all the things with my nephew that I want to have with my son makes me a little jealous, but none of that is truly what gets to me.  What gets to me?  His mom is a Tennessee fan.  We are talking a Rocky Top singing, orange wearing, rubbing it in my face Tennessee fan, and believe me, I do my best to deprogram, but you can only do so much!!

Well, thank goodness, my daughter comes along, and is an immediate sports fan for whatever reason.  Sitting watching football games, and almost grunting and fussing along with the game.  So of course, I take off running with this, and even before she can talk, she knows who she cheers for!!  I finally broke down and jailbroke my iPhone 3G the night before, partially to give myself the ability to record video so I can share this.  This isn’t staged at all, it doesn’t matter what she’s doing, if you start saying the cheer “oooohhh……c! a! t! s! CATS! CATS! CATS!” she gets that huge beautiful smile on her face before you finish spelling cats.  By the time football season comes back around, I’ll have her cheering away!!

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