Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome Home

Thought it would be appropriate to have an opening “Welcome” post to this new site.  I’m aware I’ve brought over other posts, but this is the first new post for this site, just for this site, and you can view it as a start of new things on here.

What brought all this about?  Well, January of ‘10 I started my blog, called it Geekasms and ran with it.  Posted randomly, whatever suited me at first.  That quickly changed and after over a year of adjustments and evolving, ( for now) is finally a site that I want to run.  Its less of a blog, and more of a site for information, hopefully that people find useful.

So, with that, the site having a definitive feel and theme, its hard to fit more personal stuff like things going on with the kids, my family, local stuff, the Wordless Wednesday post and more.  Problem is, I still have a desire to post all of that.  I suppose you can say I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug and want to write more, I want to be able to increase the coverage of blogging fathers in a world where blogging mothers dominate.  Thus, my new BLOG, and yes, this will be a blog!

So sit back and relax.  Feel free to comment or yell opinions, and I’ll apologize ahead of time because on here, I have no intentions of holding back, so sarcasm, questionable remarks, cursing, and side remarks in parenthesis will be the norm! 

OH!  And welcome to the new digs for my fatherly ramblings.

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